My Interview With William Gibson

I had the unique privilege of interviewing William Gibson this year. Gibson is my favorite author and, quite literally, the reason I got into writing. It’s my squee moment and was really important to me. It’s a great interview – except for a little audio trouble. Check it out.

Watch My Interview With The Winklevoss Twins

I had a fun opportunity to interview Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, bitcoin bulls, on the TC Disrupt stage. They were fun guys and had a lot of smart stuff to say about cryptocurrency. You can read more here.

My Everyday Carry

I’ve always loved Everyday Carry. It’s a pretty obsessive site dedicated to stuff people put in their pockets. They finally invited me to take part and it was great.

As you can see above, my EDC is pretty limited – I don’t have to fight off rabid dogs or look into utility ducts – so I’ve got my Omega, my Dad’s old British Navy knife, and my crazy wallet. I also talked a little about writing and creating. It’s a great site and a fun read. Check it out here.

Another Polish Interview

I’m apparently very well-spoken in Polish.

?Jak rewolucja w zakresie innowacyjno?ci mo?e konkretnie zmieni? Polsk??

Gdy Polska stanie si? ?r?d?em innowacyjno?ci, zmieni si? nie tylko charakter polskiej gospodarki, ale tak?e np. styl ?ycia, a wi?cej ludzi b?dzie chcia?o pracowa? na miejscu, ni? wyje?d?a? za granic?. Jest to bardzo wa?ne, poniewa? Polska od lat ma problem z drena?em m?zg?w, jako ?e m?odzi zdolni ludzie decyduj? si? na wyjazd za granic? i podj?cie pracy w innych krajach. A na pewno nie tylko rodzice takich os?b chcia?yby, by wr?ci?y one do Polski.

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You Probably Don’t Read Polish But If You Do, Please Enjoy:

?”Czasy odkry? indywidualnych entuzjast?w, pracuj?cych w gara?u min??y. Innowacje s? teraz owocem pracy zespo?owej” – m?wi RMF FM John Biggs, bloger, wydawca portalu TechCrunch, dawniej zwi?zany z popularnym portalem przyjecha? do Krakowa z okazji odbywaj?cej si? ju? po raz drugi imprezy Geek Week Kra?k?w, czyli ty?go?dnio?wego ma?ra?tonu wy?da?rze? zwi??za?nych z no?wy?mi tech?no?lo?gia?mi. Nie jest to zreszt? jego pierwszy pobyt w Polsce, co ?atwo pozna? po tym, jak dobrze m?wi w naszym j?zyku.

Honestly I don’t even know what I said.

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Me At The Lisbon Investment Summit, Telling Startups To Just Do It

I don’t know what to do with my hands.

Charlie White And I Talk To Mr. Media About The Magic Of Blogging?

A few weeks ago, my buddy Charlie and I recorded an interview with Mr. Media, a video blogger who asked us some great questions about blogging, making content, and generally being cool on the Internet. It was a great treat to be able to hang out with Charlie in our first dual interview and Mr. Media AKA Bob Andelman asked some great questions. Enjoy!

My Talk On Writing, Crowdfunding, And Drinking At Startup Iceland

Startup Iceland 2014 – John Biggs from Íslandsbanki on Vimeo.

Another great event in a great country.

A Quick Clip Of Me On CBS Evening News About Heartbleed

It was a really fun shoot. We’re usually so distant from formal broadcast journalism that it’s nice to see the pros at work.

Top 5 Coolness Countdown For April 5, 2014

This week on Top 5 Coolness Countdown, we separate the coolness from the lukewarm with a new streaming video player from Amazon, the return of the Windows Start menu and a robotic kangaroo.

If you?d like to hear us talking about this week?s countdown, listen to our Top 5 Coolness Countdown podcast:

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